Mission Field Ministry

Mission through House Church

Why does the mission field need House Church? Here are answers from us.

1.  There should be church planting at the end of every missionary ministry.

In a case like Japan, missionaries focused more on teaching English and introducing Western culture rather than preaching the gospel and planting churches.  As a result, the mission work in Japan did not bear many fruits. However, missionaries who came to Korea planted churches first, which led to the evangelization of Korea.

2.  Church in the mission field needs to be based on three axes — Bible study, House Church meeting, and corporate Sunday worship, collectively with a senior pastor’s leadership.

Church must satisfy saints’ essential needs arising from three parts of the human soul: mind, emotion, and will. They are proportionately balanced through Bible study, House Church, and corporate worship.

3.  Church in the mission field should be capable of reproduction through making disciples.

It is essential in the mission field to reproduce at least two generations and settle down the church with locally-grown disciples. House Church ministries have already seen third or fourth generation emerging and proved their reproductive ability. House Church is expected to work in the mission field and help local churches to take root.

House Church promotes

lay-driven mission.

It promotes lay-driven mission led by a small group while overcoming the limitations of a traditional, centralized style of mission.


  • Each house church supports a designated missionary. By being matched with a missionary familiar to the house church family, it solidifies connectedness, strengthens motivation, and promises sustainable support.
  • By regular prayer support during every house church meeting for their missionary and mission field, people are more actively involved as home-front missionaries.
  • When the relationship provides opportunity to listen to the missionary’s testimony or to visit them in their mission field, it inspires house church members with enthusiasm for mission, also offering various opportunities for further participation in missionary work.