Ministry Objectives

We help churches to balance areas of ministry.

House Church ministries help churches to balance the following four areas — pastor’s leadership, Bible study, House Church meeting, and corporate Sunday worship — by providing objectives for each.

Three axes of House Church — Bible study, House Church meeting, Sunday worship.

Pastor’s Leadership


  • Show and guide the visions of House Church
  • Be an example of Jesus’ model life
  • Show model of soul saving ministry (e.g., Gospel Presentation Meeting)

Three Axes of House Church

Bible Study


  • Faithfully deliver the gospel to seekers
  • Promote biblical lifestyle in specific levels

House Church Meeting


  • Watch and learn to be disciples of Jesus
  • Practice servanthood
  • Provide spiritual inner healing

Corporate Sunday Worship


  • Experience God through worship
  • Sermons with specific life application

Ministry Principles

  • We help churches and pastors sharing the same visions to establish House Church securely and effectively.
  • House Church ministries are principally run by laypersons with pastors’ assistance.
  • We help and cooperate with one another across denominations.
  • We actively provide support for strategic regions in the establishment or adoption of House Church.
  • We collaborate by way of analysis, evaluation, and consulting with churches that have already adopted House Church.